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    Established in 1987, DARA - Chapter 56 of Romance Writers of America® - is a non-profit, voluntary association of writers dedicated to raising and maintaining quality in the romance genre and its sub-genres. DARA works to accomplish this through advocating high professional standards and through the dissemination of information on writing and the publishing industry.

    We welcome visitors to our meetings. Visitors must be at least 18 years old and may attend up to two meetings before joining DARA. A $5 visitor fee is payable at the door.

    LAPSED MEMBERS: If you did not renew before your membership expired, you will need to rejoin DARA as a new member. Please use the link on the right for lapsed members and use the join option rather than the renew option.

    Upcoming Meeting

    Date: April 26, 2014
    Time: 8:45 am - Romance 101
    9:30 am - Business Meeting and Program
    Location: The Holiday Inn Select US-75 (North Central Expressway) and Campbell Road in Richardson, TX (map).
    Topic: "Isn't it time you made a play date with your life?" with Sally Felt
    Join us on April 26th when Sally Felt facilitates an interactive playshop (because who wants to work?). The goal: explore the many benefits of taking a more playful approach to writing and life. You can expect to:

    * score proof that play is good for you (yes, broccoli and Brussels sprouts good!)
    * browse the basic play personalities for those that most appeal to you
    * collect a full set of ideas for adding playfulness to your life and work, most of which slip effortlessly into your over-scheduled day
    * laugh and laugh (and maybe write a synopsis)

    Science confirms what little kids already know- when we’re in a state of play, our brains light up with new neural connections. We learn more easily and remember longer. We make discoveries. And we have fun.

    This playshop is intended to help writers find a number of fun strategies for staying healthy and positive, and thrive through a time of industry craziness.

    Romance 101: "Using Self-Hypnosis to Create the Perfect Novel" with Joe Jackson
    Imagine having the ability to harness the power of your inner muse to create the perfect novel. Learn how to program yourself for success through self-hypnosis. This mini-course is perfect for novice to seasoned professional. Learn how to write your own self-hypnosis scripts to eliminate or overcome writer's block, reduce stress and tension, promote creativity and character development.

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